Get Instant Energy – Without Those Energy Drinks!

Everyone today wants energy, as much as they can pack in. The high-paced modern life cannot be sustained without a high dose of energy. Energy drinks have filled in this modern human need quite effectively. They give you the instant burst of energy that you always want.

Energy drinks have become indispensable for young people and superachievers. Most of these energy drinks contain a high concentration of carbohydrates and caffeine. They also contain small amounts of amino acids, proteins, and other substances.

People with higher activity levels, especially athletes who have to juggle different roles in a day, consider energy drinks as a quick way to consume extra energy. They are also thought to burn fat, improve brain function, and for speedy recovery from fatigue.

What do energy drinks do? The carbohydrate in energy drinks in the form of sucrose, glucose, or in any other form, slows down the absorption of fluid by the blood stream and slowly releases the energy. Thus they provide rehydration to the body during exertion. However, if the energy drinks are consumed just before or during physical activity they can cause gastrointestinal distress.

In addition to the energy drinks, there are energy bars and shakes that many use as substitute for a snack or for missing a meal. Though it is assumed that these bars will help you reduce weight, if not used properly they can create the opposite effect. What many calorie-conscious people miss is that many a time the constitution of an energy bar is similar to that of a candy bar.

What the energy drinks and supplements do is provide you with energy for that particular time or activity. They are not adding anything to your body. So in the longer run your body is growing weak.