Gilbert’s Syndrome Caused Jaundice?

This is the condition in which the liver not going to process properly the yellowish-brown pigment in bile which is called bilirubin and the resultant is yellowish the color of skin and eyes which turn it toward Jaundice. This all condition called Gilbert’s Syndrome and doest not required any treatment. This is harmful condition in which color of eyes and skin changed. Here we are going to introduce about Gilbert’s Syndrome and it affect on health.

1.      During the time of right function of liver it filter impurities and toxins from the body, it also process proteins and carbohydrates. Moreover during this process the liver cut the fat with the help of bile stored in the gall bladder. There are no any special symptoms of Gilbert’s syndrome. Some other kinds of symptoms are come in to knowledge which are weakness abdominal pain, fatigue and complain of gastrointestinal and these signed not going to directly related to increasement in the level of bilirubin. Bilirubin is caused the breakdown of old red cells by spleen and these cells transfer to the liver and then chemical reaction take place which result the bilirubin in bile.   

2.      Bile required for the breakage of fat in the intestine and the bacteria which is found intestinal further process the bilirubin and the bilirubin are excreted from the body and this caused the brown color of eyes and faces.  

3.      The viral hepatitis which caused jaundice is not related to Gilbert’s syndrome. As the color of urine in viral hepatitis is dark and also fever with it. But in Gilbert’s Syndrome its color is normal.

4.      Whenever person having chemical conversion problem or strangely high amounts of bilirubin! This means greater range of bilirubin circulation in bloodstream and caused yellowish of the skin and eyes.