Surrogacy- A Process That Gives Birth to Many Hopes

It is the dream of every parent to have a complete family. As it is well known that being a mother of father is the only sign of completion of a perfect family, but bad luck is such a factor that comes behind everything. This case is also affected a lot by some unfortunate things. Several of couple is there in the work\l that haven’t their own child. The only reason behind it is the inability of either women or men. Ion such types of case there are many option that can fulfill the need and desire of a beautiful child. Many take the help of orphanage, many takes the help of artificial insemination. A medical way of test tube baby is also available for such type of cases. Apart from all that surrogacy is one of the unique method through which any one can become biological father or mother.

Surrogacy is such a process in which the spermatozoon of intended father is fertilized with surrogate mother in order to make the possibility of pregnancy. Many women are there that are ready to make this possible in order to earn some amount of money. It is totally legal process. The legality of surrogacy is totally approved by the government in many parts of the world. Two kinds of surrogacy are there. One is gestational surrogacy and other is traditional surrogacy. In Traditional type of surrogacy the mother utilizes her possess egg and sperm of intended father is introduced through the method of artificial insemination. Genetic surrogacy is such a process in which the surrogate mother carrier the sperms/sperms of commissioned married couple. Gestation surrogacy procedure is done with the help of In-vitro fertilization (IVF). This is the place where fertilized eggs or embryo of the bespoke woman are fixed on uterus of surrogate carrier.

Both of these processes are totally legal in many parts of the world. It is authenticated by governing agencies. The legal protection of this procedure is due to the transparency. It is fully approved by the government because earning is not a bad kind of thing. Before owing a womb of surrogate mother, it needs to sign a treaty between proposed parents and surrogate mother. After completion of pregnant duration when the women gives birth to the baby, she gives it the parent and takes her portion of amount. Sometimes it becomes very tough due to emotional attachment of surrogate mother to tier upcoming child. Legality of surrogacy gave it a new dimension and hope to those parents who wish for a sweet baby in their lap.

Although the process of gestation surrogacy provides more and better legal protection, it is really an expensive and very complicated procedure. The major advantage of this kind of surrogacy is the truth that child is hereditarily connected to the proposed parents. Through IVF, the eggs/sperm of intended mother and sperms of intended father are completely fertilized in the laboratory and fixed on uterus of surrogate mothers through catheter. This process is the best example of legality of surrogacy.