The Best Natural Diet For GERD Cure 

What is the best natural diet for gerd cure you ask? Better yet, can you eliminate allsymptoms of gerd and all suffering caused by GERD through your diet only? Is itpossible? Yes! And I’m walking proof.

I’ve had GERD for as long as I can remember. It manifests itself through heartburn inmy case, and sometimes the food menacingly travels up and down my esophagus. Bleurgh!!

Thankfully, I never feel unwell while this happens, nor do  feel nauseous. I just getmild discomfort from the burning sensation in my chest. For some people, thiscondition gets so bad it goes on for months. Some vomit constantly. For those, Irecommend they seek medical advice.

A natural diet for gerd cure MAY help soothe severe symptoms but I really feel that itis better handled in the hands of a medical professional. Bear in mind, the foods inthis natural diet for gerd cure may be consumed in conjuction with the medication andactually promote good health. Some former sufferers were able to gradually weanthemselves off the medication and stick to a healthy diet which contained natural foods that prevent heartburn.

I will go on to say that this natural diet for gerd cure is aimed mainly at the lowto moderate sufferer who seeks to control and treat this condition via natural meansalone. Besides, some over-the-counter medication carries unpleasant side effects.

Moderate sufferers like myself experience heartburn for hours, however, theheartburn never lasts more than 3-5 hours before it goes away. Anything significantly more than this

I’d consider severe and this diet may or may not help. Seek medical advice. The diet is worth a try either way.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Holistic Treatment For GERDSo what can you eat? What must you consume daily to ensure relief? Well, mother natureprovides some wonderful gems that can aid in helping this condition. Simply adding oneof two food stuff to your current diet can actually result in complete relief from GERDsymptons such as heartburn.

1. Apples – It is recommended that we eat 5 different fruits a day. Adding an appleafter a meal can potentially soothe heartburn as it has a cooling effect on thestomach.

2. Juices – Some juices (which count toward your 5 a day) provide the very same effectthat apples do as they have a cooling effect on the stomach. Juices to include in yournatural diet for gerd cure are papaya, guava, apple and mango! Not only are they tastyand healthy, but they will really help soothe that agonising heartburn!

3. Bland food – Bland foods like brown rice, crackers, nuts and oats are great!

Incorporating these in your natural diet for GERD cure will ensure you weed outtrigger foods. Trigger foods are overly acidic (tomatoes, citrus) and can be easilyreplaced.

Go out and experiment with this natural diet for gerd cure and see how it works foryou. I have been able to curb my heartburn via my diet alone and I can barely rememberthe last time I took an antacid. Drinking water frequently helps too!