Uveitis: Eye Infection caused by Tattoos

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, you should know some things. Tattooing the skin is becoming more common. No longer surprised to see youth and adults with all types of designs, and even several at once. But after the maelstrom, it may be time to ask if there is some kind of consequence of getting tattoos. Today we tell you what uveitis is and what their relationship with tattoos.

What is Uveitis?

When we talk about uveitis, we refer to inflammation of the uvea, one of the layers that make up the eye. The uvea consists of the iris, ciliary body and choroid that, as a whole, form the middle layer of the eye (between the retina and the sclera, the white of the eye). One of the main features of the uvea is that it contains many blood vessels that carry blood into and out of the eye. That is why an inflammation of the uvea is delicate and can cause vision problems.

What is your relationship with tattoos?

Sure, you wonder what has to do with tattoos or at least how they relate to each other. Some time ago the experts noted that there was a relationship between the eye condition and recently tattooed skins. Now according to experts, what happens in many cases is that the ink (which has pigments and some substances that may be infectious) upon contact with the skin, penetrates the blood vessels and can reach the eyes causing this inflammation.

To avoid this type of eye conditions must take into account whether or not we are people prone to allergies or skin reactions. It is also important that the room where we do the tattoo meet the established health measures. According to the experts, the reaction is not immediate and may appear even 6 months after tattoos of.

Are you aware of this disease generated by tattoos? Consulting well before getting a tattoo and consider your skin type when doing so.